The Society Of New Music Sarajevo - SONEMUS (Lat. - let us sound) was established in 2001 in order to perform, promote and educate in the domain of contemporary artistic music.

In its activities, SONEMUS pays special attention to the performance and promotion of works by composers from the countries of Southeast Europe who belong to the modernist aesthetic orientation.

Also, SONEMUS is intensively working on establishing contacts between institutions, ensembles and musicians working in contemporary artistic music so as to help establish partnerships and help construct a network of associated institutions in the region of Southeast Europe as well as on the international level. In accordance with its programme goals, SONEMUS publishes public invitations for the submission of musical scores, competitions for composers and performers and invitations to similar institutions for establishing regular cooperation of a regional and international character.

“The aesthetics of contemporary artistic music cannot be considered without taking into account its ethical position. It presupposes an openness to different opinions, it examines borders and margins and it does not strive to apologetically determine 'truths' but always indicates its own multilateral nature. That is precisely why we would like to see this music sounded in Bosnia and Herzegovina (and beyond) so that we may keep our ears wide open.”

In its work so far, the SONEMUS ensemble and guest ensembles performing at SONEMUS concerts, commissioned and premiered pieces by various composers:


Aram Hovannisyan


Adrian Pertout

Bosnia & Herzegovina:

Ališer Sijarić
Igor Karača
Dino Rešidbegović
Belma Bešlic-Gál
Hanan Hadžajlić


Stephan Wirth
David Sonton
Xavier Dayer
Ricardo Eizirik
Felix Baumann
Leo Heusser
Hans Jürg Mayer


Daria Andovska
Elizabeta Ilievska


Ivana Kiš


Arta Zequiray


Carmen Maria Carneci
Aurel Stroe
Irina Hasnas


Gianvinzenzo Cresta


Marko Nikodijević
Đuro Živković
Milorad Marinković


Ivo Nillson

Addressing pupils and students at music schools and academies, as well as the general public, SONEMUS organises educational events in the domain of contemporary music. The goal of lectures, workshops and courses held by internationally established composers and performers is to promote the contemporary achievements in artistic music among professionals and the general public.