SONEMUS Ensemble was formed in 2001 and has been successfully active ever since. Apart from its regular members, the Ensemble brings together a whole series of permanent associates, musicians with a high standard of artistic performance and long-term experience in performing contemporary artistic music. In its work so far, the SONEMUS Ensemble has performed a large number of premiere and repeat concerts in Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad

The following instruments are part of the main composition of the SONEMUS Ensemble:

  • Flute (piccolo, alto flute, bass flute, traverso)
  • Clarinet (in B-flat, in A, in E-flat, bass clarinet)
  • Violin
  • Cello
  • Piano (keyboards)
  • Percussion

By taking on musicians – associates, the SONEMUS Ensemble can be enlarged as needed. Thanks to a network of regular associates, the SONEMUS Ensemble, even when enlarged, does not seem like an ad hoc ensemble, but instead functions as an experienced and compact musical body.

Boris Previšić-Mongelli - flute

Hanan Hadžajlić - flute

Vedran Tuce - clarinet

Azra Ramić - clarinet

Violeta Smailović-Huart - violin/viola

Yevgeny Xavierieff - cello

Dragan Đorđević -  cello

Esther Saladin - cello

Ruben Dalibaltayan - piano

Julia Gubaidullina - piano

Gilles Grimaître - piano

Davor Maraus - percussion

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